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Image Fusker Utility, free fusker tool

Fusker is a type of website or utility that extracts images from a web page, typically from free hosted galleries. Fusker software allows users to identify a sequence of images with a single pattern, for example:[1-16].jpg. This would identify images pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg, through pic16.jpg.

NeoDownloader is a tool that allows to download entire image galleries from a single URL pattern with a few mouse clicks.

1. Run NeoDownloader (fusker tool)

If you have not installed NeoDownloader v4 yet, download free trial version. The version of NeoDownloader that you download is full-featured and it will not stop working after 30 days. The only limitation is max 100 files per download project. Number of projects is unlimited.

2. Create a new project

In the main NeoDownloader window, click the New Project button on the toobar or simply press Ctrl+N. Then type in a URL pattern as shown below.

Fusker New Project Wizard

3. Finish project

Click the Next button a few times and NeoDownloader will start downloading immediately.

4. That is all!

Now you can browse the downloaded images, view them in fullscreen mode, copy/delete images, set as a desktop wallpaper, etc.

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