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Our online link generator allows you to build any url sequence from a single pattern.

If you search for a free fusker tool you found it! NeoDownloader is a fusker utility that allows to download entire image galleries from a single URL pattern with a few mouse clicks!


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Quick Help

Pattern can contain ranges, word lists and value lists in any combination:

  • Ranges: [START-STOP:STEP], where START and STOP is alpha or numeric characters, STEP is numeric. Examples:
    • pic[1-100].jpg - pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg, ..., pic100.jpg.
    • pic[001-100].jpg - pic001.jpg, pic002.jpg, ..., pic100.jpg.
    • pic[00-50:5].jpg - pic00.jpg, pic05.jpg, pic10.jpg, ..., pic50.jpg.
    • pic-[a-z].jpg - pic-a.jpg, pic-b.jpg, pic-c.jpg, ..., pic-z.jpg.
  • Lists of words: {word1,word2,word3,...}. Example:
    • pic-{one,two,three}.jpg - pic-one.jpg, pic-two.jpg, pic-three.jpg.
  • Values from list: [#LIST], similar to list of words, but allows you to specify a big amount of values:
    • folder-[a-c]/pic-[#list].jpg - folder-a/pic-myvalue1.jpg, folder-a/pic-myvalue2.jpg, ..., folder-c/pic-myvalue100.jpg.
  • Repeated ranges or word/value lists: [#N], where N is the number of a range/list. Examples:
    • folder-[a-c]/pic-[#1]-[01-16].jpg - folder-a/pic-a-01.jpg, folder-a/pic-a-02.jpg, ..., folder-c/pic-c-16.jpg.