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Raphael (RAFFAELLO Sanzio)

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (April 6 or March 28, 1483 - April 6, 1520), better known simply as Raphael, was an Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance, celebrated for the perfection and grace of his paintings and drawings.

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1150 x 850

RUBENS, Peter Paul

Sir Peter Paul Rubens (28 June 1577 - 30 May 1640), was a Flemish Baroque painter, and a proponent of an extravagant Baroque style that emphasised movement, colour, and sensuality. He is well-known for his Counter-Reformation altarpieces, portraits, landscapes, and history paintings of mythological and allegorical subjects.

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1200 x 850

REMBRANDT Harmenszoon van Rijn

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (15 July 1606 - 4 October 1669) was a Dutch painter and etcher. He is generally considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European art history and the most important in Dutch history. His contributions to art came in a period that historians call the Dutch Golden Age.

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1200 x 950

Luis Romero

Amazing paintings by Luis Romero from Spain.

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2000 x 1200

Dorian Cleavenger

Cleavenger's women are beautiful, but dark and dangerous and often seem tinged with a deep sadness which mystifies the viewer. His creations can seem to have been born right out of the Garden of Eden, or right out of the very depths of hell.

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1000 x 710

Trudgian Nicolas

Nicolas Trudgian is one of the most respected and collected Aviation Artists currently working in the field. His paintings contain so much more than just the main subject of the piece - his wonderful and detailed backdrops and panorama's elevate his Art out of the ordinary.

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1500 x 1000

Omar Ortiz Art

Omar Ortiz is an incredibly talented artist, born in Guadalajara, Mexico on 1977 where he still resides. He specializes in hyper-realism, painting naked bodies, mainly women. We are very surprised at the realism and attention to details of the human figure.

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650 x 500

Cris de Lara

Cris de Lara artworks.

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1400 x 1000

Matt Dixon

The art of Matt Dixon.

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680 x 520

Boris Vallejo

Hi-res scans of some Boris Vallejo works.

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3100 x 2300