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Awesome wildlife animal photos from Unsplash

Exotic wildlife, pet kittens - and everything in between. Uncover the beauty of the animal kingdom through your screen. A big collection of awesome high-quality photos of animals.

4.56 GB
2,110 files
5000 x 3500

Head Like an Orange

"I am bored, therefore I make GIFs". A lot of funny animated GIFs.

358 MB
417 files
540 x 320

Nik Zinoviev

Awesome wildlife Photography by Moscow, Russia based photographer Nik Zinoviev - good captures of Lifes of Wild Animals.

116 MB
358 files
1200 x 800

Photos of the Day - National Geographic

Collection of the top-rated photos from National Geographic: Animals, Adventure And Exploration, Black And White, History, Landscapes, Nature And Weather, People And Culture, Science And Space, Travel, Underwater.

623 MB
873 files
1600 x 1200

Best Photos from National Geographic

Here’re the best photos from the National Geographic. The photos from this gallery are from all the categories which includes animals, forests, landscapes, places, birds, people and etc.

88 MB
362 files
1100 x 800

Jonathan Griffiths Wildlife Photography

These wildlife shots were captured under controlled conditions by a British photographer Jonathan Griffiths held his camera just inches away from tigers, bears and cougars to get the close-up photos.

73 MB
480 files
1100 x 750

Animal Portraits By Sarah Esteje

Young French artist Sarah Esteje draws these ink-redbile animal portraits using a standard Bic pen. Sarah studied at LISAA College of Applied Arts as well as photography at Gobelins in Paris, her training in both fields can be seen in her highly detailed and eye catching style. I imagine these as ceramic decorations.

2 MB
14 files
1100 x 900

Impressive Worldwide Animal Wallpapers

Impressive worldwide animal wallpapers - dogs, cats, horses, bears, birds, etc.

53 MB
159 files
1680 x 1050

Animated Avatars

A big collection of animated gif avatars for MSN/Yahoo, message boards, forums and blogs: cartoon, fantasy, funny, animals, anime, horror, etc.

74 MB
1,124 files
100 x 100

Animal photos by P. Lindel

Awesome photos of wild animals and birds by German photographer P. Lindel.

57 MB
183 files
1000 x 700